We develope, test and market our products to perfection. 

Once a product leaves our facility you can make sure you have the best available product on the market to date. 

Why should you
buy ChemDion?

Top quality and green innovation are the core of our business. 

We are constantly conducting research and offering industrial- process solutions (formulation) lines for manufacturers & formulators in the crop protection & animal & environmental health sectors.

We have the best & greenest formulation activators & co-formulators like surfactants, chelated micro nutrients, dispersants, anti-foam, biocides, solvents, dyes, colors, bio stimulants and other key ingredients meeting EPA, WHO & in some cases OMRI regulations.

A dynamic & focused agricultural, veterinary & environmental solutions group with a strong research DNA is now closer to you.

ChemDion offers copper based fungicides & bio-plant & animal health active ingredients, as well as feed & water treatment products. In animal nutrition, we carry a  wide offering of formulation aides, like preservatives, colors, anti-caking aides, flavors and aromas. 

On the farm side

We carry the most innovative & green tank mixing adjuvants, anti-drift, anti-foam, markers, nutrient products, bio-stimulants, soluble fertilizers, fertilizer enhancers & seed care options. We develop our own solutions but also carry exclusive leading international brands.